Inner Being Center Energy Healing Methods

Just as your physician does not have one drug that will cure all your health problems, I have found the same to hold true for energy healing. Let me offer some examples that will clarify why I use numerous energy healing methods in my practice.

–Barbara is 51 and having problems driving after a recent accident that demolished her car and sent her to the hospital for two days. Because she knows what her issue is, I would use one of three meridian-based methods to release the energetic charge on this issue.

–Linda is 39 and is suffering from frequent panic attacks and does not know why. Something is triggering her panic attacks, so I would use an energy healing method that uses energetic kinesiology (muscle response testing) which will allow me to locate and identify the original trauma from her past that is triggering her current panic attacks and use an appropriate energy healing method to release energetic charge on the original trauma.

–Steve is 47 and has not been able to maintain long term relationships with women. He has been married and divorced three times and does not know why he continues to have a problem. Steve may have a negative repeating pattern working in his life concerning relationships with women. We need to find out what his unconscious core beliefs are about women and relationships. In this case, I would use special energy healing methods to discover what unconscious core beliefs are not working for him and change those beliefs using a chakra-based method.

–Ralph is 29 and has always had good health and lots of energy but he has been experiencing a lack of energy and it is starting to cause problems on his job working on the loading dock.

Assuming he has no medical problems, Ralph might be having problems with chemical sensitivities that are taking a toll on his energy system. I would use energetic kinesiology to discover any substances that might be causing undo stress to his energy system and make the necessary corrections using a specialized laser.

–April is 26 and has started to experience problems on her new job at an auto parts store. She is very bright and has a good skill set, but after about three hours on the job, she has problems writing down part numbers correctly and sometimes has a problem clearly understanding orders taken over the phone. April is becoming very frustrated because she really likes her job, and doesn’t want to lose it.

April may be experiencing problems with stress as her work day progresses. I would use energetic kinesiology  to verify if stress is causing her to reverse numbers as she writes them down and is causing her hearing to close down. If any of these problems are confirmed, they can be corrected using a unique energy healing method specifically designed for this issue.

–Dorothy, a 59 year old grandmother calls me from another state concerning her strained relationship with her 31 year old daughter. Because she never approved of her daughter’s husband, she takes every opportunity to remind her daughter of that fact. Recent phone conversations with her daughter have ended up as shouting matches with her daughter hanging up on her. Dorothy is very concerned that if she is not able to change her behavior, her daughter will sever all contact with her, and she may not see her two granddaughters again.

Because Dorothy lives out of state, I would offer to work with her by phone or SKYPE using one of two energy healing methods that were designed for distance healing work.

As you can see from the above examples, there is no one energy healing method that can correct all problems. Since I have been trained in many energy healing methods, I can work with a broader range of energy related problems.  As one of my clients said, “Gary has many tools in his medicine bag.”